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MAK Wing Yan, Wing explores a variety of mediums and forms in her practice, spanning ink painting, seal engraving, ceramic, graphic design, and illustration. With a special interest in traditional Chinese art, her works often seek different ways of inheriting and reforming the traditions in ink painting.

What she discovers in traditional art forms is the way people cherish their culture through preserving the memories in objects. By studyeing the mundane and humble objects around herself, she seeks to recall and rediscover her own past. Often inspired by the magic of everyday objects, her practice seeks to connect with their stories behind, and bring them back to life.


麥穎欣在她的實踐中探索了多種媒介和創作形式,包括水墨、篆刻、 陶瓷、平面設計和插畫。她對中國傳統藝術有着濃厚興趣。她常在傳統水墨裏探索不同方法來承傳和突破。

她亦在中國傳統藝術中發現傳統文化的珍貴,就如每一個古物古董 都可以代表一個故事和一個時代。通過觀察和研究周遭平凡而低微的舊物,她試圖回憶和重現過去。麥穎欣的實踐常受日常物品啟發,試圖聯繫它們背後的故事,並將被遺忘的它們重新帶回到日常生活裏。

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